Friday, June 26, 2015

Session 3.1: To Nerve Gas, Or Not To Nerve Gas

Quick note on Session 2.3: The final game of Traveller Season 2, Session 2.3 was where we realized that there was a limit to how many people could effectivly play Traveller at one time. Long story short the crew explored an unknown planet on the western frontier nicknamed "Timber". There were green aliens with acorn currency. Dax became their king. That's about it.

Favorite in-game quote (Dax to Kevo): "You've gotten to torture two other people. It's time to give someone else a turn!"

Date (Heyson Standard): 02JUN3800.

Location: Planet Providencia (Sin), Star Port District.

The night begins in a flashy nightclub. It's Election Day on Providencia and Bandolin Blimps float all above the city. Kevo Bandalin was reelected in a landslide victory. The crew of the Providence meet on Providencia to congratulate him. While Kevo, Dax, Thatcher and Blain socialize at the bar, Halic Still decides to go for a walk. Strolling past the throngs of Kevo supporters celebrating on the street, he noticed a man in an opposition candidate's t-shirt (Rob Honis) being taunted by the crowd. As the man attempted to cross the road, a car tried to run him over. Halic kills the driver and gets the man to safety.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew continue to socialize in the bar. Kevo is handed many drinks by supporters eager to congratulate him. As he raises one of his glasses, he notices that someone dropped a brass-cased bullet in his drink. He hands the drink to one of his men to investigate and decides to head home early.

The crew meets outside the club and walk together back to the starport. As they approach they see the various ships resting on the landing pads: the humble but deadly Providence, two scout ships being refueled, and two police cruisers protecting a transport coming in. As the crew rides the elevator up to the landing pads, Halic (nervous about the police proximity) readied his rifle. Midway through their ascent, a huge explosion rocked the starport. The elevator opened up into a battlezone. The police cruisers had been blown up, and men with sub-machine guns poured out of the scout ships to attack the surviving officers. The transport attempted to flee, but was crippled by an EMP missile as a corsair descended from the sky.

Within seconds, the crew of the Providence snapped into action. Halic and Blain began sniping off criminals as they rushed the police. Dax flew up to the corsair and hacked his way inside, while Thatcher used his psionic powers to scout the bridge. Kevo rushed to the Providence and mounted the top turret, aiming his fire at the newly-arrived corsair. Well-placed shots hit the ship's main fuel tank and forced it to crash-land on the pad. Dax used a hologram to keep the men from rushing out on to the pad.

The criminals already on the pad attempted to flee in their scout ships. Halic placed a tracer on one, while Dax hacked his way onto the other and forced it to land. Kevo rushed towards the criminal's corsair as three men with SMGs barreled out. Two were awestruck at the governor's presence, but their leader was eager to pump Kevo full of lead. The last-minute arrival and sacrifice of one of his bodyguards saved Kevo from serious injury. Halic killed the murderous criminal with his rifle, prompting the other two men to flee. Thatcher froze one with a cryo-grenade, while Kevo's second bodyguard tackled the other.

Dax infiltrated the crashed corsair, killed their Mohawk-sporting leader, and took the remaining three survivors prisoner. Kevo killed the frozen criminal with his flechette pistol and took the rest for interrogation. The first man (after gruesome torture) revealed that they were members of the Brass Boys gang, an off-shoot of the Baron Boys (Providencia's largest and only state-sponsored gang) hoping to make money off of selling stolen medical shipments. The money would be used to create an illegal plasma weapons facility. He told Kevo that they had a well-defended base in a mountain outside of the city. Kevo repaid the man by letting Dr. Vespers harvest his organs. While this is going on, the rest of the crew had a long discussion about possibly using their money to invest in the starship construction industry.

Kevo began torturing the second man with the rest of the crew. Thatcher disagreed with his methods and killed the man, claiming that he was "spoiled". Dax and Thatcher took the third man. To their immense fortune, the man (Jamie Lul) was both a crybaby and the son of one of the gang's leaders (Jack Lul aka Red Hawk). At this point the crew began to internalize their gathered information and work out a corse of action. Kevo, hoping to keep order on his planet, wanted to wipe out the base with nerve gas. Other members of the crew wanted to take over the Brass Boys and use their assets to start their own gang empire. After much deliberation, the crew decided to propose a partnership with the Brass Boys on the condition that it's current leader (Hurricane) was replaced by the more reasonable Red Hawk. They traveled to the mountain and suggested this to Red Hawk, who eagerly accepted. They planned to sell the corsair (repaired by Blain and Dax) and use the money to create the new factory.

Kevo pushed for the crew to bring the Baron Boys into the partnership as transporters/dealers (partially to avoid their retribution). They met a representative of the gang (the Count) in orbit and hashed out the beginning of a deal. A dinner was planned at Kevo's estate to finalize the agreement.