Sunday, March 9, 2014

Session 2.2: The Heist That Never Was

Favorite In-Game Quote: Tie Between "Let the interns do it" and "At least wash it first."

The crew had just succeeded in their capture of Dr. Dolbert. While they were resting at the Zenna City Starport, Dr. Vespers returned to the Providence toting a new intern: Joey. He is a young med-school graduate looking for a good mentor. Dr. Vespers is the best around. Dax decides to get an intern of his own and recruits a homeless man named Kim out of an alleyway.

Halic, after reviewing interplanetary trading data, concludes that the best way for the crew to make money (illegally) is to steal radioactives. Most radioactives are enriched and consumed in the Iron Triangle. After a pit stop on the Micallo black market for Dr. Harrison's new AT weapon, Providence sets out to their heist target. In jump space they encounter a trade ship carrying wheeled cars. Abandoning all plans of complex nuclear heist, the crew formulates a new plan to steal the trader. Using a false emergency signal, the crew lures a medic aboard. While the trader crew is distracted, Dax sneaks aboard, hacks the ship, and knocks them all out.

Upon arriving in the Iron Triangle, the trader ship is stripped of its markings and cereal numbers. The shuttle that comes with the ship is stored in Providence's hanger. The crew is put in cryo-stasis and later used as cadavers to train Joey. The ships travel to Zenna, where Dr. Vespers contacts his father-in-law to find a buyer. The Dog is pretty pissed that his "son" is running around with his old gang instead of providing for Mrs. Vespers. Eventually, Vespers convinces Dog to give him the name of a fence on Providencia.

The meeting with the fence takes place at the Tery and Teri Bar. The fence is a gruff old man named Joel. After some resistance Joel buys the ship for 65 million credits. While the transaction takes place, the crew watches the 8 PM pirate broadcast of "The Red Ring of Blood." Masked men in red robes pit faceless fighters together in battles to the death. The end goal is to reach 100 kills and earn the rank of Centurion. At that point, the fighter enters into "the Legion." Losers are unmasked and executed. Each fighter has an ID number and a blood count for how many kills he has. Killing another fighter steals his blood count. During the fights the arena can throw in unpredictable variables like rabid alien monsters.

With all of their newly found cash, the crew invests in some upgrades for their ship. Providence is outfitted with brand new lasers for future killing and better armor to avoid being killed. They name their new shuttle the Messiah and upgrade it with heavy lasers. The modifications will take at least two weeks, so the crew sets out for some fun on the town. They fall into three groups:

Group one consists of Halic. He goes off on his own until noon the next morning. When he comes back he complains about shrapnel wounds from a long time ago to Dr. Vespers and gets the old injury repaired.

Group two consists of Dax and Harrison. They wake up in a serial killer's apartment surrounded by cop corpses. They had spent the night helping this madman kill police officers on patrol. The body count was around 12 officers. Later the intern gets drunk, rents an apartment next door, and inadvertently gets the man arrested.

Group three consists of Vespers and Kim. They wake up wearing blue combat armor with only certain parts of their gear. They are in prep tubes about to be launched into the Red Ring of Blood. Vespers has his syringe gun, an EMP grenade, a hatchet and a guass pistol. Kim has two revolvers. Their enemy is the red team: a muscly man with a guass rifle and a thin man with a chainsword and pistol. At the start of the battle, Thin Red uses active camo and disappears while Big Red puts a nasty shot in Vespers. Thinking quickly, Vespers tosses the EMP grenade and disables all of the red team's gear. In desperation, the red team charges the blue team: Big Red brings Kim to the ground and Thin Red bumps into Vespers. Soon afterwards the arena twist kicks in and the ground shakes violently. While red team is detracted, Vespers and Kim cripple them with their pistols. They proceed to unmask and execute the two defeated fighters. Their night in the arena brings their blood count all the way up to 56.

The next day, Dax sneaks into the Red Ring of Blood and sets the broadcasts to always play "Let's Get It On" when a fight begins.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tigris Data Logs

Download Complete

Ship Specifications: 
Type: Scout-Ship, Model C
Crew: 4
Commissioning Date: 11/7/3761
Owner: Tengo Lon
Total Jumps: 115

Crew Specifications:
Tengo Lon: Captain. Born 1/3/3725. Homeworld: Micallo.
Fred Rugle: Ship's Doctor. Born 2/12/3750. Homeworld: Cos.
Reggie Stake: Engineering. Born 5/19/3742. Homeworld: Zenna.
Paul Meade: Defense: Born 3/28/3749. Homeworld: Stak.

Star Log: 
Altrani Empire
Altron: First Order.
Prot: Second Order.
Dubia: Third Order.
Camca: Fourth Order.
Lon: Fifth Order.
Ret: Sixth Order.

Ascelonian Fiefs
Simbai: Pride.
Lea: Test of Wings.
Roz'lema: Test of Hoof.
T'ka: Test of Foot.
Mii: Test of Knots.

Dwergr Confederation
Sventle: Fire.
Heimhearth: Earth.
Thorza: Water.
Odlelay: Air.
Thumga: Mud.

Roosevelt: Freedom.

Independent Planets
Div: God in a million forms. 
Tess: Gadgets from God.
Freddo: Retreat. 
Caldo: Binary.
Verde: Endless Night.
Silic: City of Diamonds.
Timber: City of Wood.
Trash: City of Treasures.
Truna: Always a job, only cost is dignity. 

Log End

Monday, January 6, 2014

Session 2.1: The Reunion

Favorite In-Game Quote: You made fun of Clifford for being a cow, and now you ARE a cow!

In the eight years since the fall of the Heyson Confederacy, the crew of the Providence have gone their separate ways. To their surprise, the outlaw Halic Still returns from the Heyson underworld gather together the old team. He leads them to a hospital on Zenna, where their old friend Captain Meade is dying of brain cancer. His old friend Clifford, last of the Red Dogs, maintains a constant vigil over his old mentor.

Meade is confused, saying many things that make little sense. He alludes to an old trip he took to a planet called Truna, where his injured friend Tengo was healed by a strange alien, who also gave him back his youth. Halic, the oldest member of the crew, resists the temptation to follow this lead, claiming that all men have their time. Dax, however, sees merit in seeking out Meade's old companion for the purpose of learning about new alien worlds. When prompted about Tengo's location, Meade gives a cryptic answer: "Tengo on the Tigris." Using his computer skills, Dax finds an old scout ship in the Zenna Aerospace Museum known as the Tigris. The crew heads to the museum, and gain admittance with Kiki's eight-year old museum pass.

Dax asks an old curator for info on the Tigris. While she is looking it up, he hacks into the museum database and steals all files related to the Tigris. He learns that it was a four-man vessel that was donated to the museum over 30 years ago by Meade. The crew notes indicate that Meade voyaged westward (in the relative space sense) with Tengo Lon, Fred Rugle, and Reggie Stake. Along with this information is a massive cache of stellar coordinates, revealing over two dozen new worlds beyond Heyson. The full details of this information will be posted in a later entry. 

With a full name to work with, Dax pinpoints Tengo Lon's location to a mining company on the recovering planet of Micallo. After Kevo and Dr. Harrision taunt Clifford for his weight (Harrison with more encouragement), the crew sets off. In jump space, the crew finds an abandoned moleman digging vehicle. Dax brings it onto the ship.

When they arrive on Micallo, the crew sees that progress on the rebuilding city is slow. They hop in a truck and head out to Tengo's mine. When they arrive, they find a mob of miners at the mouth of the cave being consoled by a nervous foreman. He explains to the crew that feral gubrox, leftovers from the invasion, have settled in the cave and trapped some miners inside. One of those miners is Tengo Lon. Halic strikes a deal with the foreman to be paid by the number of gubrox slain. Using his psionic abilities, Thatcher the Badger locates Tengo deep within the mine. With his powers the crew could avoid all confrontation with the gubrox. However, after many years apart they are all eager for a fight, and jump on a small gubrox camp in a side passage. The battle is brief, but the noise from Dax's new grenade launcher attracts the attention of the entire mine.

The crew sets up firing positions inside the small side passage. Hordes of gubrox pour through the gap. The battle is fierce, but the superior weapons and skill of the crew saves the day. Incendiary grenades and sharpshooting create a heap of corpses. As the crew begins to lower their weapons, a massive drilling vehicle bursts out of the side wall. Kevo and Kiki are nearly shredded by the behemoth's massive drill. Thinking quickly, Dax pulls out his metal-eating "flamethrower." His weapon peels back the hull of the captured drilling machine. Careful sharpshooting kills the gubrox crew, and Dax pulls the partially-dissolved hatch open to shut off the drill.

The drill left a massive tunnel in its wake, which allows Tengo and the other miners to escape. The crew is paid for their efforts, and even manage to sell their newly found moleman drilling machine for a nice price. They share a food-truck meal with Tengo, who is reluctant to give up any information about the planetary database the crew has found. Halic offers to give Tengo a ride to see Meade before he dies, which Tengo accepts.

Back on Zenna, the crew finds that Meade has already passed away. Tengo takes this news apathetically, thanking the crew and informing them that he can find his own way back to Micallo. While this is going on Dax surfs the web for news. He finds out that a bio-terrorist and illegal gene-splicer known as Dr. Dolbert is at large with a hefty bounty on his head. Dax cross-analyses audio recordings of the outlaw with stray communication signals on Zenna. He pinpoints the man's location to the Zenna Zoo. The crew sets off for a day with the animals.

Dax, Halic, and Kevo infiltrate the zoo with their stealth technology. Kiki and Dr. Harrison visit the zoo in disguise. The stealth team sneaks into the zookeeper headquarters and travels down to the bottom floor. There, they find patients whose DNA had been supplemented with that of animals. In a back room, they find Dr. Dolbert. He is insane, thinking that Ooba-mai speaks to him when he is alone. He reveals that he intends to mix all species together into one mega-species worthy of Ooba-mai's praise. The stealth team use his insanity to lure him to their car outside the zoo.

Meanwhile, the Kiki and Dr. Harrison visit the zoo's newest exhibit: the Giant. They find a massive humanoid alien in the cage. Dr. Harrison takes pity on the beast and sneaks in to give it food. Unfortunately, the Giant is too fond of him, and captures Dr. Harrison in his strong grip. Efforts of the zookeepers to sedate the beast only enrage him, and it takes several shots to knock him out. Dr. Harrison tries to escape by walking out calmly, but is tackled by the Zoo staff.

The crew minus Dr. Harrison turn in the mad scientist for their bounty. They inform the police of the lab below the zoo, and a PMC is hired to flush them out. Dax joins in. The raid is set for that night. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the zoo, Dr. Harrison has been hideously transformed into a cow-man. The Zenna hospital is unable to help him, but Dax collected enough data from the zoo to attempt his own surgery (for a heavy fee). The procedure has mixed results: his facial features and appendages are repaired, but Dax is unable to remove the (functioning) utter. Kevo taunts Dr. Harrison, guns are pulled, and Kiki brings peace with a stun grenade.