Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tigris Data Logs

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Ship Specifications: 
Type: Scout-Ship, Model C
Crew: 4
Commissioning Date: 11/7/3761
Owner: Tengo Lon
Total Jumps: 115

Crew Specifications:
Tengo Lon: Captain. Born 1/3/3725. Homeworld: Micallo.
Fred Rugle: Ship's Doctor. Born 2/12/3750. Homeworld: Cos.
Reggie Stake: Engineering. Born 5/19/3742. Homeworld: Zenna.
Paul Meade: Defense: Born 3/28/3749. Homeworld: Stak.

Star Log: 
Altrani Empire
Altron: First Order.
Prot: Second Order.
Dubia: Third Order.
Camca: Fourth Order.
Lon: Fifth Order.
Ret: Sixth Order.

Ascelonian Fiefs
Simbai: Pride.
Lea: Test of Wings.
Roz'lema: Test of Hoof.
T'ka: Test of Foot.
Mii: Test of Knots.

Dwergr Confederation
Sventle: Fire.
Heimhearth: Earth.
Thorza: Water.
Odlelay: Air.
Thumga: Mud.

Roosevelt: Freedom.

Independent Planets
Div: God in a million forms. 
Tess: Gadgets from God.
Freddo: Retreat. 
Caldo: Binary.
Verde: Endless Night.
Silic: City of Diamonds.
Timber: City of Wood.
Trash: City of Treasures.
Truna: Always a job, only cost is dignity. 

Log End

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