Monday, August 3, 2015

Session 3.4: Get the Hell Away From Sin

Favorite Out-of-Game Quote: "I blow up one bad guy and everyone turns against me." "Now you know how America feels."

Date: 13JUN3800-05JUL3800

Location: Sin -> Zenna -> Gub

The session began with Halleck waking up on the Providence to find a cryptic letter delivered overnight. The letter warned of a shadowy threat approaching, finishing with a declaration that no one can be trusted. The letter was simply signed "a friend". Halleck went out into the ship's mess to discover another letter, this one left by Thatcher. Apparently Thatcher felt that the crew was going in too deep and that it would be best if he departed. However, he wanted to warn the crew that he had been having horrific visions at night about a space battle over Sin. The vision featured humans, Altrani, and Haldrax all clashing together in orbit.

The rest of the crew gathers in the ship's common area to contemplate the letters. While they are there, they hear screams coming from outside. Dax utters his third "God Damnit!" for the day and the crew rushes outside. They see mobs gathered under several Bandolin Blimps, which were broadcasting a breaking news report. The agricultural world of Plenty had fallen in an Altrani raid. War seems inevitable. With this in mind, the crew decides to head to Zenna to expand their crime syndicate. Dax begins formulating a plan to get the Dog arrested and take over the Mugs.

In jump space, the ship encounters a small craft manned by the tree people of Timber. Recognizing Dax (King WhoaNow), the tree people tell the crew that they have been gifted with technology from another space-faring race. Dax correctly concludes that it is the Altrani looking for allies, and informs the tree people that he sent them. The Tree ship hooks on to Providence and they jump together to Zenna.

On Zenna they receive a notification that the president is looking to meet with them. Before the meeting Dax begins to reconnoiter the Dog's mansion in the hopes of gathering incriminating information. He shoots bugs at the facility's combat drones, effectively gaining an inside view of the mansion. Meanwhile, Blain goes to the Xeno-Primatology Center at the University of Zenna. He learns that Blue Monkey poaching has been orchestrated by a Gubrox spiritual leader. Supposedly the crew of the Providence was due to get a diplomatic mission to Gubrox space. Blain was asked to keep his eyes open for the shaman and dispose of him if possible.

The crew went to go meet with President Hey. He appeared haggard, the weight of responsibility taking a heavy toll on his body. He informs the crew that an ambassador from the Gubrox recently sent a message to Zenna. Supposedly the Gubrox want to hold a peace summit on their planet. They ask that one small ship bring the delegation. Hey wants the crew of the Providence to provide security for this delegation. The pay would be 12 million credits per person. The crew quickly accepts. The next day they meet the delegation. The three ambassadors hailed from Rok, Michallo, and Sin. Rok's delegate was none other than Halleck's brother Leto.

After a week of preparation, the crew departs for Gub. They are accompanied by the Heyson Cruiser HSS Firehorn. The ship would stay one day away from the planet and come into orbit only if a rescue attempt was needed. The crew enters the orbit of Gub, passing countless tons of space trash and light ships. They see a massive ship comprised of several smaller ships strung together, but it lets them pass.

On the surface, they are greeted by the ambassador. He directs them into a bus to go to the King's palace. Gubtown is a sprawling megacity of squalor, but every building sports either a red, blue, or yellow banner. The bus ride his wild, but after a few hours of navigating the poverty-stricken streets of Gubtown they arrive at a large red castle. Inside they meet Nailchewer, the Blood King. He heartily greets the delegation and bids them to sleep in his quarters. As night is falling, they all go to do that. The session ends with the Crew sleeping in shifts as the Gubrox king gets busy with a human slave girl.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Session 3.3: Prologue to Paul: Monkey on a Mission

Favorite In-Game Quote: Halleck: "Everyone free tonight?" Dax: "Sure, I'll cancel with your mother."

Date: 11JUN3800-12JUN3800

Location: Planet Sin

While Governor Bandolin recovers in the hospital, the rest of the crew meet with the Heyson representative (Mr. Rufus) to tip him off about the Silver Army weapons factory. Halleck, Dax, and Blain offer to assist Mr. Rufus' raiding team. They meet that night at one of the Sin Starport Police precincts to go over the battle plan. Unlike the crew, the Heyson police do not know the exact building that the factory is in, and plan to isolate the neighborhood and continue to raid buildings until they hit their target. The crew then loads into armored police vehicles with Mr. Rufus and his twelve-man strike team and speeds off to the area of operations.

The first two buildings of the raid are cleared with no sign of the Silver Army. Upon approaching the back of the third building, the crew notices a garage door. They breach the door using Dax's gravity hammer and push into a minor gang's chop shop. Most of the thugs rush to the back door to escape, but a few draw weapons. Dax uses his grenade launcher to blow up one of the cars, killing two thugs and injuring six. Halleck calls for a surrender of the remaining thugs, and they comply.

While the Heyson police rush in to arrest/treat the wounded hooligans, Halleck sneaks out to the fourth building (the one known to hold the factory) and finds a locked door at the bottom of the stairwell. He uses his stealth technology to wait on the wall. Soon after this, the Heyson police (along with Dax and Blain) rush in. As he kicks open the locked door, the breach man is pelted by an anti-personnel mine. He crumples back and the rest of the team storms in. They find a series of gauss-weapon assembly lines being worked by nineteen people, ranging from elderly to infants. As they push in, they are ambushed by six Silver Army thugs rapid-firing gauss rifles. Two officers are killed in the ensuing firefight. Halleck leaves the building and goes back in to avoid suspicion from the overwatch teams, arriving just in time to add his marksmanship to the fight. The battle ends as Blain cuts the last thug in half with his axe. Dax rushes the wounded door-breecher to the Providence for medical treatment. He makes a full recovery, and promises to have Dax's back in the future if he ever needs help.

During the chaos of arresting the workers, Halleck goes around to the wounded thugs and quietly executes them. Two sobbing children observed his actions before he activated his stealth suit. Although Halleck suggests that the raid end here, Mr. Rufus orders a search of the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood. Inside one they find the robot chicken fighting ring, with six Silver Army thugs placing bets. They round up these men and take them to the station. The crew later sends Thatcher to bribe the thugs into silence by promising Baron Boy membership.

Due to the casualties sustained in the raid, Mr. Rufus plans to head back to Zenna on 18JUN3800. Learning this, the crew gives the plasma weapons factory the green light to start production. Profits will begin to accumulate on 01JUL3800. At this point the crew started dividing their attention into personal affairs.

Blain was given a delivery by a man with a robot companion who claimed to be his nephew. Dismissing him (and not providing a tip) Blain went inside the ship with his package. Before he opened it, his alien monkey Paul sniffed the container and frantically fled. Opening the box, Blain was horrified to discover severed alien monkey paws similar to Paul's. A note at the bottom challenged him to stop the slaughter by going to the Heyson Xeno-Primatology society in Zenna. Wrapped up with gang activity, Blain sent a message to Zenna indicating that he was interested, and would join them as soon as possible. He briefly considered boosting Paul's intelligence with implants and sending him on the mission in his stead.

Dax wanted to learn more about the Baron Boys. He went to a local bar posing as a potential buyer. Two Baron Boys men approached him, suspicious of his interest. Luckily, Dax was able to woo them with a promise to let them try his grav-belt if they hooked him up with a plasma-weapons sale. As they left, Dax shot bugs onto them, which he remotely spread to their lieutenants. From his bugs Dax learned that the plasma weapons shipments were going to a planet called Porphura, to the stellar north of Heyson.

Halleck went to visit Kevo in the hospital. He told Kevo that he believed that his current path would lead to death and destruction. Kevo told him that he believed that breaking away from the Republic would lead to the betterment of Sin. Recruitment for his army would get people off the streets and give them pride in their country. Seeing that Kevo truly cared about reviving the soul of his planet, Halleck agreed to an easy peace.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Session 3.2: Prologue to Meca-Hitler

Favorite In-Game Quote: "We'll genetically modify OUR OWN robot chickens!"

Date (Heyson Standard): 06JUN3800-10JUN3800

Location: Planet Providencia (Sin)

The adventure began with the crew of the Providence hosting a dinner party for their two partnership gangs, the Baron Boys and the Brass Boys (now renamed the Brass Brewers to differentiate from their partners). The dinner was held at Governor Bandalin's estate, and featured good foot, a cigar room with complimentary smoking jackets and fedoras, and a robotic rapper named Two-Volts. The dinner went pleasantly enough, with the three parties making small talk and spreading gossip. Topics discussed were the rising number of Altrani (space elf) raids on Heyson ships, hiring lion-men mercenaries, and how to properly say grace to Ooba-Mai.

During the dinner, Kevo received a visit from a Heyson representative. The man had been providing Providencia with badly-needed medical supplies, and wanted to speak with Kevo about the rising concern of illicit firearm manufacturing and exportation on Sin. He declared that the planet was under federal investigation to "help" the governor rid himself of the crime "problem". After he left the crew gathered with Red Hawk and the Count to discuss ways to get the representative out of the picture. In the end, a plan was hatched in which the representative would be led to a smaller gang. After busting it, he would believe the crime problem to be solved and depart.

The gang they selected was known as the Silver Army. The Baron Boys kept decent tags on the gangs activities; they knew that a shipment of weapons would leave the starport in six days. The crew went to work pinpointing the location of the Silver Army factory. They found a residential neighborhood near the starport with three strange energy spikes. Thatcher used his psionic abilities to scout out the buildings. One was a chop-shop for a very small local gang. Another was a robot chicken ring, which the crew later visited. The third energy spike came from the Silver Army's underground weapons factory. The crew decided to tell the representative about the factory (and the delivery) on 10JUN3800.

Robot chickens and their betters:

Hallic (Kernal Sanders)
Vespers (Dr. Cox)
Harrison (Rooster McBooster)
Game Master (Clux)

After three brutal rounds of fighting, Rooster McBooster stood above all others. Mainly because he was the only one still able to stand. Highlights included Rooster McBooster ripping Dr. Cox in half, Clux blinded Kernal Sanders, and Clux being crippled in the last round by Rooster McBooster. Future robot chicken fights will involve more strategy and weapons.

While the rest of the crew were out gambling, Kevo organized a political rally with his military. On 09JUN3800 his army marched through the streets of the Providencia starport. During the parade a mob of protesters in white appeared. When they started throwing tomatos at Kevo, he sent his police force to suppress the mob. The altercation got violent, with five protesters being killed and twenty-two people wounded, including seven officers. After that was resolved, Kevo began his speech.


The day of criminal rabble, and outside political influences poisoning our society is coming to a close.

What millions of Sin’s citizens even outside our political ranks see as the most impressive display of power.

When our party, of only a few men voiced two principles. First, it wanted to be a true ideology conditioned movement. Second it wanted therefore to be the sole power of the people of Sin.

Because of the people of Sin, the best of our race, in proud self confidence, have courageously and boldly claimed leadership of the Party and the nation. 

The people of Sin are now happy in the knowledge that the constantly changing leadership has now been replaced with a fixed pole. A force which considers itself the best representative of the best blood. Knowing this, the nation of Sin has elevated itself to keep this leadership, and never relinquish it again. 

It will always be the only part of the nation which will consist of active fighters, and more will be asked. For them the pledge “I believe” is not enough. Instead, they pledge “I will fight”

The party for all time will come to represent the elite political relationship of the people of sin. 

It will be unchangeable in its doctrine, hard as steel in its organization, supple and adaptable in its entirety. However, it will be a Holy Order!

In our past our enemies prosecuted us, and have removed undesirable elements from our Party focus. 

Today, me must remove undesirable elements which have been proven bad. 

What is bad has no place among us!!

It is our wish this state and Reich will endure for a millennia to come 

We are happy in this knowledge, that fortune belongs to us completely!

While older ones among us may possibly waver, the youth is committed to us body and soul. 

Only when the party, is in cooperation with everyone, makes it the highest embodiment of our ideals, in thought, and spirit, will the party be an indestructible pillar of the people of Sin, and Our Reich. 

Then eventually, the magnificent, glorious army of those proud old warriors of our nation will be joined by the political leadership of the party, and carry on their shoulder the Sin State, The Sin Reich!!

Dr. Vespers watched the violent suppression of protesters (and the speech that followed) from afar. He decided that enough was enough. As Hallic tried to brainstorm with him possible ways to stop Kevo, Dr. Vespers calmly pulled out a small remote and hit the trigger. Just as Kevo finished his speech, his stomach exploded. The bomb that Dr. Vespers put into him eight years ago finally found a purpose. Amazingly, Kevo survived the horrendous injury and was quickly evacuated to a hospital. There, he began plotting to fortify and renew his planet into a powerful and militarized society.

The session ended as the crew was about to tip off the Heyson representative.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Session 3.1: To Nerve Gas, Or Not To Nerve Gas

Quick note on Session 2.3: The final game of Traveller Season 2, Session 2.3 was where we realized that there was a limit to how many people could effectivly play Traveller at one time. Long story short the crew explored an unknown planet on the western frontier nicknamed "Timber". There were green aliens with acorn currency. Dax became their king. That's about it.

Favorite in-game quote (Dax to Kevo): "You've gotten to torture two other people. It's time to give someone else a turn!"

Date (Heyson Standard): 02JUN3800.

Location: Planet Providencia (Sin), Star Port District.

The night begins in a flashy nightclub. It's Election Day on Providencia and Bandolin Blimps float all above the city. Kevo Bandalin was reelected in a landslide victory. The crew of the Providence meet on Providencia to congratulate him. While Kevo, Dax, Thatcher and Blain socialize at the bar, Halic Still decides to go for a walk. Strolling past the throngs of Kevo supporters celebrating on the street, he noticed a man in an opposition candidate's t-shirt (Rob Honis) being taunted by the crowd. As the man attempted to cross the road, a car tried to run him over. Halic kills the driver and gets the man to safety.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew continue to socialize in the bar. Kevo is handed many drinks by supporters eager to congratulate him. As he raises one of his glasses, he notices that someone dropped a brass-cased bullet in his drink. He hands the drink to one of his men to investigate and decides to head home early.

The crew meets outside the club and walk together back to the starport. As they approach they see the various ships resting on the landing pads: the humble but deadly Providence, two scout ships being refueled, and two police cruisers protecting a transport coming in. As the crew rides the elevator up to the landing pads, Halic (nervous about the police proximity) readied his rifle. Midway through their ascent, a huge explosion rocked the starport. The elevator opened up into a battlezone. The police cruisers had been blown up, and men with sub-machine guns poured out of the scout ships to attack the surviving officers. The transport attempted to flee, but was crippled by an EMP missile as a corsair descended from the sky.

Within seconds, the crew of the Providence snapped into action. Halic and Blain began sniping off criminals as they rushed the police. Dax flew up to the corsair and hacked his way inside, while Thatcher used his psionic powers to scout the bridge. Kevo rushed to the Providence and mounted the top turret, aiming his fire at the newly-arrived corsair. Well-placed shots hit the ship's main fuel tank and forced it to crash-land on the pad. Dax used a hologram to keep the men from rushing out on to the pad.

The criminals already on the pad attempted to flee in their scout ships. Halic placed a tracer on one, while Dax hacked his way onto the other and forced it to land. Kevo rushed towards the criminal's corsair as three men with SMGs barreled out. Two were awestruck at the governor's presence, but their leader was eager to pump Kevo full of lead. The last-minute arrival and sacrifice of one of his bodyguards saved Kevo from serious injury. Halic killed the murderous criminal with his rifle, prompting the other two men to flee. Thatcher froze one with a cryo-grenade, while Kevo's second bodyguard tackled the other.

Dax infiltrated the crashed corsair, killed their Mohawk-sporting leader, and took the remaining three survivors prisoner. Kevo killed the frozen criminal with his flechette pistol and took the rest for interrogation. The first man (after gruesome torture) revealed that they were members of the Brass Boys gang, an off-shoot of the Baron Boys (Providencia's largest and only state-sponsored gang) hoping to make money off of selling stolen medical shipments. The money would be used to create an illegal plasma weapons facility. He told Kevo that they had a well-defended base in a mountain outside of the city. Kevo repaid the man by letting Dr. Vespers harvest his organs. While this is going on, the rest of the crew had a long discussion about possibly using their money to invest in the starship construction industry.

Kevo began torturing the second man with the rest of the crew. Thatcher disagreed with his methods and killed the man, claiming that he was "spoiled". Dax and Thatcher took the third man. To their immense fortune, the man (Jamie Lul) was both a crybaby and the son of one of the gang's leaders (Jack Lul aka Red Hawk). At this point the crew began to internalize their gathered information and work out a corse of action. Kevo, hoping to keep order on his planet, wanted to wipe out the base with nerve gas. Other members of the crew wanted to take over the Brass Boys and use their assets to start their own gang empire. After much deliberation, the crew decided to propose a partnership with the Brass Boys on the condition that it's current leader (Hurricane) was replaced by the more reasonable Red Hawk. They traveled to the mountain and suggested this to Red Hawk, who eagerly accepted. They planned to sell the corsair (repaired by Blain and Dax) and use the money to create the new factory.

Kevo pushed for the crew to bring the Baron Boys into the partnership as transporters/dealers (partially to avoid their retribution). They met a representative of the gang (the Count) in orbit and hashed out the beginning of a deal. A dinner was planned at Kevo's estate to finalize the agreement.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Session 2.2: The Heist That Never Was

Favorite In-Game Quote: Tie Between "Let the interns do it" and "At least wash it first."

The crew had just succeeded in their capture of Dr. Dolbert. While they were resting at the Zenna City Starport, Dr. Vespers returned to the Providence toting a new intern: Joey. He is a young med-school graduate looking for a good mentor. Dr. Vespers is the best around. Dax decides to get an intern of his own and recruits a homeless man named Kim out of an alleyway.

Halic, after reviewing interplanetary trading data, concludes that the best way for the crew to make money (illegally) is to steal radioactives. Most radioactives are enriched and consumed in the Iron Triangle. After a pit stop on the Micallo black market for Dr. Harrison's new AT weapon, Providence sets out to their heist target. In jump space they encounter a trade ship carrying wheeled cars. Abandoning all plans of complex nuclear heist, the crew formulates a new plan to steal the trader. Using a false emergency signal, the crew lures a medic aboard. While the trader crew is distracted, Dax sneaks aboard, hacks the ship, and knocks them all out.

Upon arriving in the Iron Triangle, the trader ship is stripped of its markings and cereal numbers. The shuttle that comes with the ship is stored in Providence's hanger. The crew is put in cryo-stasis and later used as cadavers to train Joey. The ships travel to Zenna, where Dr. Vespers contacts his father-in-law to find a buyer. The Dog is pretty pissed that his "son" is running around with his old gang instead of providing for Mrs. Vespers. Eventually, Vespers convinces Dog to give him the name of a fence on Providencia.

The meeting with the fence takes place at the Tery and Teri Bar. The fence is a gruff old man named Joel. After some resistance Joel buys the ship for 65 million credits. While the transaction takes place, the crew watches the 8 PM pirate broadcast of "The Red Ring of Blood." Masked men in red robes pit faceless fighters together in battles to the death. The end goal is to reach 100 kills and earn the rank of Centurion. At that point, the fighter enters into "the Legion." Losers are unmasked and executed. Each fighter has an ID number and a blood count for how many kills he has. Killing another fighter steals his blood count. During the fights the arena can throw in unpredictable variables like rabid alien monsters.

With all of their newly found cash, the crew invests in some upgrades for their ship. Providence is outfitted with brand new lasers for future killing and better armor to avoid being killed. They name their new shuttle the Messiah and upgrade it with heavy lasers. The modifications will take at least two weeks, so the crew sets out for some fun on the town. They fall into three groups:

Group one consists of Halic. He goes off on his own until noon the next morning. When he comes back he complains about shrapnel wounds from a long time ago to Dr. Vespers and gets the old injury repaired.

Group two consists of Dax and Harrison. They wake up in a serial killer's apartment surrounded by cop corpses. They had spent the night helping this madman kill police officers on patrol. The body count was around 12 officers. Later the intern gets drunk, rents an apartment next door, and inadvertently gets the man arrested.

Group three consists of Vespers and Kim. They wake up wearing blue combat armor with only certain parts of their gear. They are in prep tubes about to be launched into the Red Ring of Blood. Vespers has his syringe gun, an EMP grenade, a hatchet and a guass pistol. Kim has two revolvers. Their enemy is the red team: a muscly man with a guass rifle and a thin man with a chainsword and pistol. At the start of the battle, Thin Red uses active camo and disappears while Big Red puts a nasty shot in Vespers. Thinking quickly, Vespers tosses the EMP grenade and disables all of the red team's gear. In desperation, the red team charges the blue team: Big Red brings Kim to the ground and Thin Red bumps into Vespers. Soon afterwards the arena twist kicks in and the ground shakes violently. While red team is detracted, Vespers and Kim cripple them with their pistols. They proceed to unmask and execute the two defeated fighters. Their night in the arena brings their blood count all the way up to 56.

The next day, Dax sneaks into the Red Ring of Blood and sets the broadcasts to always play "Let's Get It On" when a fight begins.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tigris Data Logs

Download Complete

Ship Specifications: 
Type: Scout-Ship, Model C
Crew: 4
Commissioning Date: 11/7/3761
Owner: Tengo Lon
Total Jumps: 115

Crew Specifications:
Tengo Lon: Captain. Born 1/3/3725. Homeworld: Micallo.
Fred Rugle: Ship's Doctor. Born 2/12/3750. Homeworld: Cos.
Reggie Stake: Engineering. Born 5/19/3742. Homeworld: Zenna.
Paul Meade: Defense: Born 3/28/3749. Homeworld: Stak.

Star Log: 
Altrani Empire
Altron: First Order.
Prot: Second Order.
Dubia: Third Order.
Camca: Fourth Order.
Lon: Fifth Order.
Ret: Sixth Order.

Ascelonian Fiefs
Simbai: Pride.
Lea: Test of Wings.
Roz'lema: Test of Hoof.
T'ka: Test of Foot.
Mii: Test of Knots.

Dwergr Confederation
Sventle: Fire.
Heimhearth: Earth.
Thorza: Water.
Odlelay: Air.
Thumga: Mud.

Roosevelt: Freedom.

Independent Planets
Div: God in a million forms. 
Tess: Gadgets from God.
Freddo: Retreat. 
Caldo: Binary.
Verde: Endless Night.
Silic: City of Diamonds.
Timber: City of Wood.
Trash: City of Treasures.
Truna: Always a job, only cost is dignity. 

Log End

Monday, January 6, 2014

Session 2.1: The Reunion

Favorite In-Game Quote: You made fun of Clifford for being a cow, and now you ARE a cow!

In the eight years since the fall of the Heyson Confederacy, the crew of the Providence have gone their separate ways. To their surprise, the outlaw Halic Still returns from the Heyson underworld gather together the old team. He leads them to a hospital on Zenna, where their old friend Captain Meade is dying of brain cancer. His old friend Clifford, last of the Red Dogs, maintains a constant vigil over his old mentor.

Meade is confused, saying many things that make little sense. He alludes to an old trip he took to a planet called Truna, where his injured friend Tengo was healed by a strange alien, who also gave him back his youth. Halic, the oldest member of the crew, resists the temptation to follow this lead, claiming that all men have their time. Dax, however, sees merit in seeking out Meade's old companion for the purpose of learning about new alien worlds. When prompted about Tengo's location, Meade gives a cryptic answer: "Tengo on the Tigris." Using his computer skills, Dax finds an old scout ship in the Zenna Aerospace Museum known as the Tigris. The crew heads to the museum, and gain admittance with Kiki's eight-year old museum pass.

Dax asks an old curator for info on the Tigris. While she is looking it up, he hacks into the museum database and steals all files related to the Tigris. He learns that it was a four-man vessel that was donated to the museum over 30 years ago by Meade. The crew notes indicate that Meade voyaged westward (in the relative space sense) with Tengo Lon, Fred Rugle, and Reggie Stake. Along with this information is a massive cache of stellar coordinates, revealing over two dozen new worlds beyond Heyson. The full details of this information will be posted in a later entry. 

With a full name to work with, Dax pinpoints Tengo Lon's location to a mining company on the recovering planet of Micallo. After Kevo and Dr. Harrision taunt Clifford for his weight (Harrison with more encouragement), the crew sets off. In jump space, the crew finds an abandoned moleman digging vehicle. Dax brings it onto the ship.

When they arrive on Micallo, the crew sees that progress on the rebuilding city is slow. They hop in a truck and head out to Tengo's mine. When they arrive, they find a mob of miners at the mouth of the cave being consoled by a nervous foreman. He explains to the crew that feral gubrox, leftovers from the invasion, have settled in the cave and trapped some miners inside. One of those miners is Tengo Lon. Halic strikes a deal with the foreman to be paid by the number of gubrox slain. Using his psionic abilities, Thatcher the Badger locates Tengo deep within the mine. With his powers the crew could avoid all confrontation with the gubrox. However, after many years apart they are all eager for a fight, and jump on a small gubrox camp in a side passage. The battle is brief, but the noise from Dax's new grenade launcher attracts the attention of the entire mine.

The crew sets up firing positions inside the small side passage. Hordes of gubrox pour through the gap. The battle is fierce, but the superior weapons and skill of the crew saves the day. Incendiary grenades and sharpshooting create a heap of corpses. As the crew begins to lower their weapons, a massive drilling vehicle bursts out of the side wall. Kevo and Kiki are nearly shredded by the behemoth's massive drill. Thinking quickly, Dax pulls out his metal-eating "flamethrower." His weapon peels back the hull of the captured drilling machine. Careful sharpshooting kills the gubrox crew, and Dax pulls the partially-dissolved hatch open to shut off the drill.

The drill left a massive tunnel in its wake, which allows Tengo and the other miners to escape. The crew is paid for their efforts, and even manage to sell their newly found moleman drilling machine for a nice price. They share a food-truck meal with Tengo, who is reluctant to give up any information about the planetary database the crew has found. Halic offers to give Tengo a ride to see Meade before he dies, which Tengo accepts.

Back on Zenna, the crew finds that Meade has already passed away. Tengo takes this news apathetically, thanking the crew and informing them that he can find his own way back to Micallo. While this is going on Dax surfs the web for news. He finds out that a bio-terrorist and illegal gene-splicer known as Dr. Dolbert is at large with a hefty bounty on his head. Dax cross-analyses audio recordings of the outlaw with stray communication signals on Zenna. He pinpoints the man's location to the Zenna Zoo. The crew sets off for a day with the animals.

Dax, Halic, and Kevo infiltrate the zoo with their stealth technology. Kiki and Dr. Harrison visit the zoo in disguise. The stealth team sneaks into the zookeeper headquarters and travels down to the bottom floor. There, they find patients whose DNA had been supplemented with that of animals. In a back room, they find Dr. Dolbert. He is insane, thinking that Ooba-mai speaks to him when he is alone. He reveals that he intends to mix all species together into one mega-species worthy of Ooba-mai's praise. The stealth team use his insanity to lure him to their car outside the zoo.

Meanwhile, the Kiki and Dr. Harrison visit the zoo's newest exhibit: the Giant. They find a massive humanoid alien in the cage. Dr. Harrison takes pity on the beast and sneaks in to give it food. Unfortunately, the Giant is too fond of him, and captures Dr. Harrison in his strong grip. Efforts of the zookeepers to sedate the beast only enrage him, and it takes several shots to knock him out. Dr. Harrison tries to escape by walking out calmly, but is tackled by the Zoo staff.

The crew minus Dr. Harrison turn in the mad scientist for their bounty. They inform the police of the lab below the zoo, and a PMC is hired to flush them out. Dax joins in. The raid is set for that night. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the zoo, Dr. Harrison has been hideously transformed into a cow-man. The Zenna hospital is unable to help him, but Dax collected enough data from the zoo to attempt his own surgery (for a heavy fee). The procedure has mixed results: his facial features and appendages are repaired, but Dax is unable to remove the (functioning) utter. Kevo taunts Dr. Harrison, guns are pulled, and Kiki brings peace with a stun grenade.