Saturday, July 4, 2015

Session 3.2: Prologue to Meca-Hitler

Favorite In-Game Quote: "We'll genetically modify OUR OWN robot chickens!"

Date (Heyson Standard): 06JUN3800-10JUN3800

Location: Planet Providencia (Sin)

The adventure began with the crew of the Providence hosting a dinner party for their two partnership gangs, the Baron Boys and the Brass Boys (now renamed the Brass Brewers to differentiate from their partners). The dinner was held at Governor Bandalin's estate, and featured good foot, a cigar room with complimentary smoking jackets and fedoras, and a robotic rapper named Two-Volts. The dinner went pleasantly enough, with the three parties making small talk and spreading gossip. Topics discussed were the rising number of Altrani (space elf) raids on Heyson ships, hiring lion-men mercenaries, and how to properly say grace to Ooba-Mai.

During the dinner, Kevo received a visit from a Heyson representative. The man had been providing Providencia with badly-needed medical supplies, and wanted to speak with Kevo about the rising concern of illicit firearm manufacturing and exportation on Sin. He declared that the planet was under federal investigation to "help" the governor rid himself of the crime "problem". After he left the crew gathered with Red Hawk and the Count to discuss ways to get the representative out of the picture. In the end, a plan was hatched in which the representative would be led to a smaller gang. After busting it, he would believe the crime problem to be solved and depart.

The gang they selected was known as the Silver Army. The Baron Boys kept decent tags on the gangs activities; they knew that a shipment of weapons would leave the starport in six days. The crew went to work pinpointing the location of the Silver Army factory. They found a residential neighborhood near the starport with three strange energy spikes. Thatcher used his psionic abilities to scout out the buildings. One was a chop-shop for a very small local gang. Another was a robot chicken ring, which the crew later visited. The third energy spike came from the Silver Army's underground weapons factory. The crew decided to tell the representative about the factory (and the delivery) on 10JUN3800.

Robot chickens and their betters:

Hallic (Kernal Sanders)
Vespers (Dr. Cox)
Harrison (Rooster McBooster)
Game Master (Clux)

After three brutal rounds of fighting, Rooster McBooster stood above all others. Mainly because he was the only one still able to stand. Highlights included Rooster McBooster ripping Dr. Cox in half, Clux blinded Kernal Sanders, and Clux being crippled in the last round by Rooster McBooster. Future robot chicken fights will involve more strategy and weapons.

While the rest of the crew were out gambling, Kevo organized a political rally with his military. On 09JUN3800 his army marched through the streets of the Providencia starport. During the parade a mob of protesters in white appeared. When they started throwing tomatos at Kevo, he sent his police force to suppress the mob. The altercation got violent, with five protesters being killed and twenty-two people wounded, including seven officers. After that was resolved, Kevo began his speech.


The day of criminal rabble, and outside political influences poisoning our society is coming to a close.

What millions of Sin’s citizens even outside our political ranks see as the most impressive display of power.

When our party, of only a few men voiced two principles. First, it wanted to be a true ideology conditioned movement. Second it wanted therefore to be the sole power of the people of Sin.

Because of the people of Sin, the best of our race, in proud self confidence, have courageously and boldly claimed leadership of the Party and the nation. 

The people of Sin are now happy in the knowledge that the constantly changing leadership has now been replaced with a fixed pole. A force which considers itself the best representative of the best blood. Knowing this, the nation of Sin has elevated itself to keep this leadership, and never relinquish it again. 

It will always be the only part of the nation which will consist of active fighters, and more will be asked. For them the pledge “I believe” is not enough. Instead, they pledge “I will fight”

The party for all time will come to represent the elite political relationship of the people of sin. 

It will be unchangeable in its doctrine, hard as steel in its organization, supple and adaptable in its entirety. However, it will be a Holy Order!

In our past our enemies prosecuted us, and have removed undesirable elements from our Party focus. 

Today, me must remove undesirable elements which have been proven bad. 

What is bad has no place among us!!

It is our wish this state and Reich will endure for a millennia to come 

We are happy in this knowledge, that fortune belongs to us completely!

While older ones among us may possibly waver, the youth is committed to us body and soul. 

Only when the party, is in cooperation with everyone, makes it the highest embodiment of our ideals, in thought, and spirit, will the party be an indestructible pillar of the people of Sin, and Our Reich. 

Then eventually, the magnificent, glorious army of those proud old warriors of our nation will be joined by the political leadership of the party, and carry on their shoulder the Sin State, The Sin Reich!!

Dr. Vespers watched the violent suppression of protesters (and the speech that followed) from afar. He decided that enough was enough. As Hallic tried to brainstorm with him possible ways to stop Kevo, Dr. Vespers calmly pulled out a small remote and hit the trigger. Just as Kevo finished his speech, his stomach exploded. The bomb that Dr. Vespers put into him eight years ago finally found a purpose. Amazingly, Kevo survived the horrendous injury and was quickly evacuated to a hospital. There, he began plotting to fortify and renew his planet into a powerful and militarized society.

The session ended as the crew was about to tip off the Heyson representative.

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