Thursday, July 9, 2015

Session 3.3: Prologue to Paul: Monkey on a Mission

Favorite In-Game Quote: Halleck: "Everyone free tonight?" Dax: "Sure, I'll cancel with your mother."

Date: 11JUN3800-12JUN3800

Location: Planet Sin

While Governor Bandolin recovers in the hospital, the rest of the crew meet with the Heyson representative (Mr. Rufus) to tip him off about the Silver Army weapons factory. Halleck, Dax, and Blain offer to assist Mr. Rufus' raiding team. They meet that night at one of the Sin Starport Police precincts to go over the battle plan. Unlike the crew, the Heyson police do not know the exact building that the factory is in, and plan to isolate the neighborhood and continue to raid buildings until they hit their target. The crew then loads into armored police vehicles with Mr. Rufus and his twelve-man strike team and speeds off to the area of operations.

The first two buildings of the raid are cleared with no sign of the Silver Army. Upon approaching the back of the third building, the crew notices a garage door. They breach the door using Dax's gravity hammer and push into a minor gang's chop shop. Most of the thugs rush to the back door to escape, but a few draw weapons. Dax uses his grenade launcher to blow up one of the cars, killing two thugs and injuring six. Halleck calls for a surrender of the remaining thugs, and they comply.

While the Heyson police rush in to arrest/treat the wounded hooligans, Halleck sneaks out to the fourth building (the one known to hold the factory) and finds a locked door at the bottom of the stairwell. He uses his stealth technology to wait on the wall. Soon after this, the Heyson police (along with Dax and Blain) rush in. As he kicks open the locked door, the breach man is pelted by an anti-personnel mine. He crumples back and the rest of the team storms in. They find a series of gauss-weapon assembly lines being worked by nineteen people, ranging from elderly to infants. As they push in, they are ambushed by six Silver Army thugs rapid-firing gauss rifles. Two officers are killed in the ensuing firefight. Halleck leaves the building and goes back in to avoid suspicion from the overwatch teams, arriving just in time to add his marksmanship to the fight. The battle ends as Blain cuts the last thug in half with his axe. Dax rushes the wounded door-breecher to the Providence for medical treatment. He makes a full recovery, and promises to have Dax's back in the future if he ever needs help.

During the chaos of arresting the workers, Halleck goes around to the wounded thugs and quietly executes them. Two sobbing children observed his actions before he activated his stealth suit. Although Halleck suggests that the raid end here, Mr. Rufus orders a search of the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood. Inside one they find the robot chicken fighting ring, with six Silver Army thugs placing bets. They round up these men and take them to the station. The crew later sends Thatcher to bribe the thugs into silence by promising Baron Boy membership.

Due to the casualties sustained in the raid, Mr. Rufus plans to head back to Zenna on 18JUN3800. Learning this, the crew gives the plasma weapons factory the green light to start production. Profits will begin to accumulate on 01JUL3800. At this point the crew started dividing their attention into personal affairs.

Blain was given a delivery by a man with a robot companion who claimed to be his nephew. Dismissing him (and not providing a tip) Blain went inside the ship with his package. Before he opened it, his alien monkey Paul sniffed the container and frantically fled. Opening the box, Blain was horrified to discover severed alien monkey paws similar to Paul's. A note at the bottom challenged him to stop the slaughter by going to the Heyson Xeno-Primatology society in Zenna. Wrapped up with gang activity, Blain sent a message to Zenna indicating that he was interested, and would join them as soon as possible. He briefly considered boosting Paul's intelligence with implants and sending him on the mission in his stead.

Dax wanted to learn more about the Baron Boys. He went to a local bar posing as a potential buyer. Two Baron Boys men approached him, suspicious of his interest. Luckily, Dax was able to woo them with a promise to let them try his grav-belt if they hooked him up with a plasma-weapons sale. As they left, Dax shot bugs onto them, which he remotely spread to their lieutenants. From his bugs Dax learned that the plasma weapons shipments were going to a planet called Porphura, to the stellar north of Heyson.

Halleck went to visit Kevo in the hospital. He told Kevo that he believed that his current path would lead to death and destruction. Kevo told him that he believed that breaking away from the Republic would lead to the betterment of Sin. Recruitment for his army would get people off the streets and give them pride in their country. Seeing that Kevo truly cared about reviving the soul of his planet, Halleck agreed to an easy peace.

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