Monday, August 3, 2015

Session 3.4: Get the Hell Away From Sin

Favorite Out-of-Game Quote: "I blow up one bad guy and everyone turns against me." "Now you know how America feels."

Date: 13JUN3800-05JUL3800

Location: Sin -> Zenna -> Gub

The session began with Halleck waking up on the Providence to find a cryptic letter delivered overnight. The letter warned of a shadowy threat approaching, finishing with a declaration that no one can be trusted. The letter was simply signed "a friend". Halleck went out into the ship's mess to discover another letter, this one left by Thatcher. Apparently Thatcher felt that the crew was going in too deep and that it would be best if he departed. However, he wanted to warn the crew that he had been having horrific visions at night about a space battle over Sin. The vision featured humans, Altrani, and Haldrax all clashing together in orbit.

The rest of the crew gathers in the ship's common area to contemplate the letters. While they are there, they hear screams coming from outside. Dax utters his third "God Damnit!" for the day and the crew rushes outside. They see mobs gathered under several Bandolin Blimps, which were broadcasting a breaking news report. The agricultural world of Plenty had fallen in an Altrani raid. War seems inevitable. With this in mind, the crew decides to head to Zenna to expand their crime syndicate. Dax begins formulating a plan to get the Dog arrested and take over the Mugs.

In jump space, the ship encounters a small craft manned by the tree people of Timber. Recognizing Dax (King WhoaNow), the tree people tell the crew that they have been gifted with technology from another space-faring race. Dax correctly concludes that it is the Altrani looking for allies, and informs the tree people that he sent them. The Tree ship hooks on to Providence and they jump together to Zenna.

On Zenna they receive a notification that the president is looking to meet with them. Before the meeting Dax begins to reconnoiter the Dog's mansion in the hopes of gathering incriminating information. He shoots bugs at the facility's combat drones, effectively gaining an inside view of the mansion. Meanwhile, Blain goes to the Xeno-Primatology Center at the University of Zenna. He learns that Blue Monkey poaching has been orchestrated by a Gubrox spiritual leader. Supposedly the crew of the Providence was due to get a diplomatic mission to Gubrox space. Blain was asked to keep his eyes open for the shaman and dispose of him if possible.

The crew went to go meet with President Hey. He appeared haggard, the weight of responsibility taking a heavy toll on his body. He informs the crew that an ambassador from the Gubrox recently sent a message to Zenna. Supposedly the Gubrox want to hold a peace summit on their planet. They ask that one small ship bring the delegation. Hey wants the crew of the Providence to provide security for this delegation. The pay would be 12 million credits per person. The crew quickly accepts. The next day they meet the delegation. The three ambassadors hailed from Rok, Michallo, and Sin. Rok's delegate was none other than Halleck's brother Leto.

After a week of preparation, the crew departs for Gub. They are accompanied by the Heyson Cruiser HSS Firehorn. The ship would stay one day away from the planet and come into orbit only if a rescue attempt was needed. The crew enters the orbit of Gub, passing countless tons of space trash and light ships. They see a massive ship comprised of several smaller ships strung together, but it lets them pass.

On the surface, they are greeted by the ambassador. He directs them into a bus to go to the King's palace. Gubtown is a sprawling megacity of squalor, but every building sports either a red, blue, or yellow banner. The bus ride his wild, but after a few hours of navigating the poverty-stricken streets of Gubtown they arrive at a large red castle. Inside they meet Nailchewer, the Blood King. He heartily greets the delegation and bids them to sleep in his quarters. As night is falling, they all go to do that. The session ends with the Crew sleeping in shifts as the Gubrox king gets busy with a human slave girl.

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