Monday, December 30, 2013

After Zenna: The Last Eight Years

3792- The Battle of Zenna. Lurton falls to the Haldrax, who retreat back into the void of space. With the help of the Providence, Andrew Hey overthrows the Kanger government and establishes the Heyson Republic. He is quickly elected President of Heyson.

3793- The Cleansing. Sin is purged of its criminal warlords, and renamed Providencia in honor of the hero ship of the rebellion. President Hey declares a war on gangs, and puts the idle Heyson Military in the streets. Old gangs fall, but progress is slow and bloody.

3794- Disarmament. President Hey and his government pour trillions of credits into the War on Crime. Hey backs a law that bans the possession of battle-dress and electric combat armor, as well as heavy weapons like man-portable artillery. The military spends the year rounding up almost all high-tech battle armor in Heyson space. In response to the crackdown, whole worlds riot. They call President Hey a tyrant and plan to replace him in the next election.

3795- Reform. With elections scheduled in one year, Hey needed to turn his image around. To calm the fears of tyranny in the public, Hey drafts the Demilitarization Act of 3795. The Army and the Navy are heavily reduced. Battle Dress is retired, and combat armor is reserved for special forces units. The excess money goes towards the restructuring of the education and health care systems. While this is going on, the government quietly retreats from the War on Crime.

3796- Elections. Hey wins by a narrow margin. His policies continue. Colonists are sent to Micallo to rebuild.

3797- Economic Slide. New gangs surface. Old companies fall, and new ones rise. Most worlds fully recover within two years.

3798- Gubrox Incursion. Providencia his hit by a full-scale Gubrox invasion. The Heyson military is completely unprepared for battle against such a numerous foe, and it takes months to push the Gubrox off the planet and out of the orbit of Providencia. Conservative citizens blame the recent demilitarization acts for the fiasco. The humiliation discredits the federal military, and many planets resort to hiring Private Military Companies for protection.

3799- Future Frontier. With elections a year away and Hey gunning for a third term, government funds are poured into new scientific fields. Androids become cheaper and more available to the general public. Gene-splicing gives rise to fabulous new medicines, but also disturbing and illegal bodily alterations. The old and defunded scout program is replaced by the Cosmic Exploration Service (CES) and given the goal of contacting new alien allies.

3800- Now. Last month Heyson and Altrani ambassadors met in a peace summit. Trade and defensive treaties are discussed, but tensions from the last war still remain. Meanwhile, strange radio signals are being received from every corner of Heyson's stellar boarders. Federal elections are 10 months away. Hey wants a third term, but is being challenged by a young Kanger. As all of this is going on, an old crew reunites in a Zenna hospital to say goodbye to a dying friend...

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