Sunday, July 7, 2013

Session 5: No One is Surprised to be Ambushed by a Space-Lion

In-Session Quote: "Ya know, I think that Nazi zombies kinda sullied the name of the Nazis."

At the conclusion of the last session, Dax goes off on a solo mission to take out his rival, Garry Morrison. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew regroup with the Red Dogs, who have set up a training camp outside of Micallo City. Their hunt for information was unsuccessful, but they promise to provide aid whenever their services are needed.

With a ship full of drugs, the crew heads to planet Sin. In jump-space, they encounter a bizarre pirate ship (an actual sailing ship). After a quick expedition the crew adds to their inventory several antique weapons, clothes, and tools. They plan to find a good museum to sell it all to.

The crew faces a second and more dangerous encounter later in jump-space. Kevo awakes one night to find the battle-drone Gabriel wandering into the cargo bay. Kevo hears a sharp noise; Beep. Beep. Beep... When Kevo goes to inspect the him, a bomb strapped to Gabriel explodes, destroying his gun. Kevo quickly wakes the crew, and a manhunt is orchestrated room by room. While they are inspecting the low-birth (cryo) room, they are blasted with a powerful grenade. Kevo runs outside to face the grenadier, and it attacked from above.

An invisible force crushes down on Kevo. The crew watch in horror as massive claw marks appear on his chest armor. Jet swings his massive energy blade above Kevo, revealing a fearsome figure in black and blue battle dress. He fights with glowing energy claws and wears a lion-like mask. In epic close-quarters combat, the crew work to pierce the stranger's armor (Kiki's plasma rifle does the best). When Jet is knocked unconscious, Halic herds the crew back into the low-birth room and seals the door. Moments later-

Beep. Beep. Beep... The crew huddles in the corner as an energy blast obliterates the door. Luckily, the blast also damaged the stranger. His mast falls away to reveal an actual lion's face! An expert shot by Halic brings down the man-beast. Kiki proceeds to behead the creature. Then, the armor glows bright blue.

Beep. Beep. Beep... The crew flees the ensuing blast, which melts the low-birth room and destroys all traces of the lion-man. A quick evaluation of the ship ensures that no more predators are hunting the crew. Halic hypothesizes that the stranger came aboard from the pirate ship. The fact that he was a lion-man doesn't seem to phase the crew.

Finally, the crew reaches Sin. They sell the drugs for 200.000 and buy more seeds. Kevo takes advantage of Sin's liberal markets and buys materials to create suitcase and gas bombs with Kiki. The crew attends a convention hosted by the followers of Ooba-Mai. The contents of that convention will be posted at a later date, but long story short Kevo is tranquilized, Halic gets wasted, and Jet befriends a priest named Father Julian.

The next day, Kevo is contacted by his wealthy Uncle Bartholomew. Bartholomew tasks the crew to deliver combat drugs to war-torn planet Don. The crew accepts when promised a lucrative reward. Kevo also places an order for nerve gas from Bartholomew's scientists. On their way to jump space, they encounter a strange man named Dunlap in an escape pod. He claims to be an expert sniper and requests only minimal pay. The crew allows him to stay for now.

The jump is uneventful. When they reach the planet's outer space, they are harassed by a ship belonging to Don's rival planet, Ton. Kevo  suggests that they bribe the ship to get an escort. The crew accepts, and they head closer to the planet. One massive lie later gives them an even better escort directly to orbit (Ton currently controls the orbit around Don). The crew lands to find a heavily-damaged starport. Soldiers help unload the drugs. While this is happening, the station is subject to a bombing run by fighters.

Providence has the only functioning guns in the area. Kevo jumps into the top turret and blasts away at the fighters. When the ship is fully unloaded (and the crew fully paid) Providence shoots up into the air. When they reach their old escort in orbit, they are prompted as to whether or not the President safely made it to the ground. They successfully go along with the lie and escape the deadly war zone.

The crew returns triumphantly to Uncle Bartholomew. They are now significantly richer and finally respected by the rich tycoon. Kevo buys two massive kegs of nerve gas from the Bartholomew. They disguise the old low-birth room as a pantry and hide the kegs behind the wall.

Back on Sin, they repair their ship. While that is going on a strange old man known as Professor Humphrey approaches them with a dangerous expedition to Gubrox space. Apparently, his old university colleagues declared him to be mad and the Scouts were too frightened by the threat of the Gubrox to take up his work. The crew accepts his mission in the hopes of finding riches (or at least a contact through which to sell their pirate swag). The expedition is scheduled to depart in one month. Dunlap leaves the ship to make some money on Sin, promising to return for the expedition. The crew plans to get Dax back before departing.

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