Thursday, June 27, 2013

Session 4: Marines and Molemen

Favorite In-Game Quote:
"Do I hear anything while I'm in the ambulance?"

The session begins with the Providence heading to Zenna to sell the crystals. They make five million credits off the deal, and promptly go on a shopping spree. The crew spends a week getting various implants and other future swag. After a gambling adventure goes bad, Kay stabs into a pair of conjoined twins. They are split into two separate people and vow revenge on the violent Asian.

A conflict erupts between Halic and Jet that results in gunfire. Dr. Vespers stops the fight with cryo-grenades, and the crew holds a therapy session for the two combatants. The situation is further complicated when priests of Ooba-mai show up looking for converts. Eventually Halic and Jet reach an uneasy peace, and the ship heads out for planet Senra, where they hope to rescue a Micallo official's wife.

When they arrive in Senra space, they are hailed by a signal probe that marks Senra as restricted Heyson military space. Unfortunately, they forgot to fill up their fuel tank before departing Zenna. They are forced to head into restricted space. Orbiting the planet they find a large warship in the process of bombarding the planet with nuclear missiles. After some quick introductions, the crew is informed that they will be able to get fuel and the wife if they help take the capital.

Suddenly they are hailed by a resistance fleet hiding out in Senra space. The fleet is lead by the Planetary Defense Force Commander. He petitions Providence for its assistance in taking down the warship. After some deliberation, the crew sides with the rebels.

The battle begins in a flash of laser fire. Providence's lasers bounce off of the warship's armored hull. After one useless volley, the Providence crew decides to attempt a boarding action. Skilled piloting by Kiki locks the ships together. The rebel fleet focuses their fire on the opposite side of the ship .

The boarding party consists of Halic, Jet, Dax, Kevo, the battle-bot Gabriel, and the medic-bot Raphael. In a long corridor, they meet three marines in battle dress (power armor). The battle is long but eventually the party takes down the three marines. Meanwhile Providence is targeted by fast-intercept fighters in addition to nearby turrets.

After hearing several massive explosions, the boarding party calls for evac. Providence retreats, taking heavy fire from the warship. Fortunately, the rebels were able to take out the warship's maneuver drive and fuel tank, sending the ship spiraling into the planet. Once the battle is over, the PDF Commander escorts the crew down to the starport.

On the way, the crew spots the massive capital building, with what looks to be a large battle raging within it's courtyard. Halic, Dax, and Kevo jet-pack down. They see that marines in drop pods have taken over the capital building. The PDF forces cower in fear under the wreckage of broken tanks. Halic lands on the courtyard's central statue and draws most of the enemy fire. Dax lifts a marine high into the air, drops him, and then curb-stomps his leg in twain. Kevo takes a critical shot in the gut. Luckily, his suit is able to keep him alive long enough for the PDF forces to evacuate him.

Meanwhile, Kay, Jet, and Dr. Vespers ride with the PDF Commander in his grav-carrier (a hover gunship). Dr. Vespers sports new battle dress (looted from the boarding attempt). With the g-carrier's fusion gun, Dr. Vespers guns down several marines. Unfortunately, Jet is shot point-blank from a machine gun and takes critical wounds in his upper body. After two tries, Dr. Vespers is able to get his heart pumping again. Dr. Vespers heads back to the ship with Jet and Kevo for emergency surgery.

Kay takes over the fusion gun, taking out the last of the outdoor marine forces. Halic pursues one survivor into the capital, with the rest of the crew on his tail. He finds three marines attempting to bash down a door in a waiting room. In the ensuing battle the marines' leader is killed and the two survivors surrender.

Halic opens the door to find the governor in his office, surrounded by cowering aids and a fat man with a beard. The fat man identifies himself as Mr. Whittmore, a broadcaster wanted by the Heyson government for exposing a conspiracy on the occupied Altrani planets. Halic and Dax recover the wife, who was working as a secretary to the governor.

The crew spends a week on Senra, repairing, refueling, and rearming. During that time they are approached by a starport mechanic, who informs them of something odd about their ship. Apparently there is some sort of extra layer of metal around the structure. The metal is a dark green color and bears scratchy runes. The crew doesn't recognize the strange material.

As a reward for their part in the Battle for Senra, the crew is gifted with an Armored Fighting Vehicle, courtesy of the PDF. They name it Jericho.

On the way back to Micallo, the crew encounters a bizarre cylindrical ship. Messages from the ship appear to be in some sort of Morse Code. When they dock with the ship, they find that it is filled with dirt. As they begin excavating, the crew encounter strange mole-like aliens half the height of men. The creatures lack eyes and attempt to communicate with the crew by tapping code with their long nails. Dax hates them right off the bat and attempt to throw one out the airlock. The rest of the crew defend the mole-aliens and depart from the ship. As the mole ship departs safely from jump-space, the crew gets a final signal: "Dumbasses." Dax gloats for the rest of the trip.

On Micallo the crew reunite the long-distance couple. As promised, the official reveals Corvak's file. The are owned by a larger company and have only ever registered one ship: Blue Iron. The parent company is revealed to be the Flash Cola Company, makers of Heyson's most popular non-alcoholic beverage. The crew plans to go after Dax's rival Garry Morrison in the next game.

Jet sells his awesome combat photos for 20,000 credits.

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