Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Everfire Subsector

Year: 3792 AD

Location: 4th Quadrant, Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Luridus Segment, Everfire Sub Sector

Around 2400, humans discover the ability to travel through space using wormholes. Hundreds of ships set out to discover the galaxy. Eventually, colonist ships set out as well. One of these colonist groups was the Everfire Expedition, sent to explore and colonize the Luridus Segment, famous for its massive clusters of stars. Around 2600 ships settled in the planets surrounding the massive "Starstorm"; a collection of thousands of stars trapped together in an endless typhoon. The first planet to be colonized was dubbed Lurton. Over the next 500 years the colonization of the worlds was led by the Everfire Dominion, the official government of the sub sector.

Around 3100, disaster struck. Mysterious cosmic storms divided the galaxy. Wormholes still worked within the sub sector, but were unable to punch through to the rest of the galaxy. Everfire was effectively cut off from Earth. Chaos followed. Planets panicked and rioted. Suicidal attempts were made to break through the storms. Everfire was consumed in the flames of fear. To regain power, the Dominion government declared marshal law over the planets. Terror was replaced by tyranny.

Entering into the chaos were the Altrani. A proud race with ancient traditions, the Altrani inhabited an area of space adjacent to the Dominion. The two races were able to coexist for a few decades, but eventually disputes over boarder planets led to a massive war. For 25 years Everfire ran red with the blood of lost men. The war ended, not with peace, but with another war: a massive invasion of the sub sector by a violent and brutish race, the Gubrox. The humans and the Altrani were forced to put their battle on hold and join forces against the new threat. When the war ended, both forces were too depleted to turn upon the other.

In 3350 a rebellion against the Dominion began under the direction of Alexander Hey. Hey led a massive fleet to challenge the Dominion's hold of the sub sector. In the final battle of Lurton the rebels were victorious, but Hey was killed. His son founded what is now known as the Heyson Confederacy. Future leaders were unable to match the leadership of the Hey family, and the government's capacity to function suffered. The weakness of the government was fully exposed in 3600 when several planets seceded from the Confederacy, dubbing themselves "planet-states".

It was this weakness that the Kanger family jumped upon. Rich, charismatic, and respected, the Kanger family began to win high-ranking elected offices. In a few short years they controlled the office of the President. They turned the Confederacy into an illiberal democracy. On the surface, the people elected their officials, but in reality the money of the Kangers decided who would take office.

In 3770 the Second Altrani War began. It lasted 20 years, and cost a great deal of resources and men. Many soldiers were forced out of service after the war, causing rampant unemployment and a rise in mercenary and criminal activities.

The year is 3792. John Kanger was just elected for his fourth term as President of Heyson. Tensions rise as the outer planets begin to grow restless under Confederate control. Lawlessness and corruption are widespread. And on a small metalworking planet, a salty ex-scout sits in a bar, trying to scrounge together a crew for his "new" ship...

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