Saturday, June 22, 2013

Session 3: Tricks, Traps, and a Broken Camera

Favorite In-Game Quote: I think that thug is playing League of Legends.

Favorite In-Game Joke:
This is highway robbery!
You have four million credits.
No! I only have three million!

In the previous session the players agreed to clear out an asteroid mine for the Corvak Mining Company. Apparently, the mine was taken over by thugs. The players head to Micallo to meet up with the other hired mercenary group, the Red Dogs. Their leader Captain Meade gives the crew the specs of the mission and even trades over a man from his team: K'Shaw McMellon.

Horrible strife erupts during the journey to the mine when Jet's camera and pictures are destroyed. He vows to kill everyone aboard the ship. Gabriel is put outside Kevo's room, since Jet knows that he destroyed the pictures.

After a jump journey the crew arrives in the asteroid field. The mine is actually two separate buildings that meet up inside the asteroid. Providence takes one building, the Red Dogs the other. On the upper level of the building the crew finds no sign of life. In fact, they don't find any sign of use; the facility looks brand new. The crew eventually finds the lift and heads down into the mine.

In the mine the players find a half-mad mercenary from the old group that failed to clear the mine. He claims that this place is more of a training camp than a mine. Suddenly, a gunshot cuts through the darkness and kills him. At the same time, the lift is de-powered. The crew is attacked by ten wild men in black leather. These men are under the influence of combat drugs and wield terrifying chain-axes. The crew manages to fight off the initial attack, and proceed further into the mine.

After overcoming explosive mines, a heavy machine gun turret, and an ambush, the crew meets back up with the Red Dogs, who have taken significant losses. Luckily, Dr. Vespers is able to save the fattest of the group, Clifford. Pushing forward, the crew finds the control room for the mine. A huge man flanked by two alien canines and two more goons stares at a computer. After some quick gun action, the crew takes out the hostiles. They find the controls to the lift and a message from a mysterious employer. Identified only as  R, he wanted the gang to hone their skills on the mercenaries and then report back to a factory with more "subjects".

Disappointed that they are getting no pay and eager for revenge, the crew heads back to Micallo. Their request for information on Korvak is denied by the government. Luckily, one of the officials will give them information if they find out where his missing wife is. She should have moved to Micallo from Senra a month ago.

As the crew prepares to leave, Kevo heads out for a shopping trip. He meets with a shady man in an alleyway to see about buying illegal goods. The man turns out to be a mugger and nearly robs Kevo of his entire fortune. Luckily, Kevo always packs his massive gauss rifle. The police arrest him moments later for shooting a man in an alleyway with a high-powered rifle. A quick bribe earns Kevo his freedom.

On his way back to the ship Kevo encounters a fat old priest who claims to know Halic. Kevo guides the man onto Providence. In the commons area of the ship, the crew assemble to meet this mysterious man. The encounter turns violent when the man shoots a stun dart at Halic. His armor protecting him, Halic leaps forward and delivers a hard kick to the priest. The priest's form shimmers, revealing a man in full body armor.

An intense battle follows. Bullets ping off of the man's advanced suit. The stranger jumps to the ceiling with a jet pack and released deadly TDX grenades. Kiki is thrown within an inch of death. Dax jet-packs up to the ceiling and Dr. Vespers wall-climbs with mag-boots. After a fierce struggle, Dax and Dr. Vespers begins to push the stranger out of Providence. The stranger is so confident in his armor that he detonates the grenades on his belt, knocking out Dr. Vespers.

Meanwhile, Halic and Kay head out to the Prophet. After more wrestling the stranger and Dax end up outside of the ship. Halic flies the Prophet overhead and Kay liquefies the stranger with the plasma cannon, also known as the Hand of the Prophet.

The police arrive soon after, and inform Halic that they'll look into this attack. The Red Dogs plan to stay on Micallo to get more information on Korvak. Providence departs to find the official's wife and sell the expensive crystals that they got from their last adventure.

A list was made of things that Kevo is never allowed to do.
1. Buy a pocket nuke.
2. Go out alone on a planet ever.
3. Annoy Jet.
4. Perform surgery.
5. Interrogate prisoners.
6. Talk to anyone of authority.
7. Produce drugs- Only sell them (maybe).
8. Unauthorized commerce.
9. Allow anyone else onto the ship.
10. Carry more than 50k credits at one time.

He insists that the crew will need a pocket nuke at some point in the future.

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