Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Session 2: Gang Wars and Space Raptors

Favorite Pregame Quote: Let's hope that Dr. Vespers won't have to perform surgery on us.

At the conclusion of the last game the crew were on planet Zenna, turning in the criminal Zach Kurtz. After this is done, they do some modifications to Providence. One of the low-berth rooms is converted into a sick bay. A portion of the cargo bay is devoted to a hydroponics-based drug grower. A combat drone is purchased, designated Gabriel, and painted white with flaming guns.

Thatcher leaves Providence to deal with some personal matters. To help keep the drug operation going, he leaves Halic with his young distant cousin, Kay. Thatcher hopes that Halic will "show Kay the ropes". Kay was in the support division of the Heyson Marine Corps.

The crew then gets down to business. Halic suggests that they start selling drugs on planets with higher law levels and a lower supply of drugs. They hit the poorer district below the starport to see who's dealing the drugs on this planet. As it turns out, most organized crime on Zenna is run by the Mugs, a mega-gang led by a man known only as "Dog". The crew visits a drug dealer for the Mugs, which concludes with Halic ordering the dealer to let the gang know about his crew. The dealer agrees, but informs Halic that he probably won't get too much out of the gang with his current resources.

As the crew is returning to their ship, they notice a big man in dark clothing tailing them. They chase him into an alleyway and promptly knock him out. When they turn around, five gang members appear and fire on them. The crew wins the firefight and escapes before the police arrive. Before they leave, Dax kidnaps the pursuer and Halic writes a warning in a gang member's corpse with his knife.

After a few days, the gang member regains consciousness. After a scan of his body, the crew finds that he had a tracking bug on him. At the same time, the ship next to them on the starport is impounded for containing a catch of drugs. With these factors in mind, the crew decides to depart from the main starport. After the questioning of the prisoner goes poorly, Dr. Vespers kills him and preserves his organs.

The drug dealer had told them previously that they might have better luck selling more powerful drugs. He recommended "Ice", and intervenious mixture created with materials from planet Kem. The crew decide to take a trip to Chem and find out about this new drug.

In jump space, they discover a derelict science ship, the My Lai. On board, the crew find the murdered corpses of several scientists. The killers were massive jungle lizards that are still roaming the ship. In the archive room, they learn that the ship was on an expedition to 9114C, a jungle moon past the Asteroid Wall. The chief scientist did not respect the environment, and that cost him his own life as well as the lives of his crew.

The crew defeat the aliens on the main level with relative ease, including the mother. They also make off with a mover-mech, an MRI machine, and some rare crystals. Going to the cargo bay they find that the plants in the cargo bay have burst out of their containers and rooted their way up into the ship. Jet takes a picture. As his flash goes off, 14 of the alien creatures rise up and charge at the crew.

The crew retreats up the ladder to the main level. Halic and Dax cover their retreat. An epic zero-g battle with guns and explosives followed. Despite the efforts of the crew, the aliens pushed upward. Three aliens jump upon Halic and tear open his throat with their massive claws. Halic bleeds out. Dax pushes his body up to Dr. Vespers and holds off the aliens with his impenetrable combat armor. After more fighting, the aliens are defeated.

EDIT: Dax's character asked me to record the fact that he was injured in this session. Although the aliens could not penetrate his armor, he was banged up pretty badly by misfires and stray grenades from the crew.

Dr. Vespers immediately gives Halic a drug to slow his body's functions. Taking him back to sick bay, Vespers repairs Halic's throat using parts from the captured gang member. Vespers then wakes up Halic using a body-accelerating drug.

Eventually the crew reaches Kem. Jet fails to find buyers for his pictures. Dax tries unsuccessfully to sell the crystals, but learns that computer companies on Zenna would pay big money. During his quest, Dax fights off robbers with Dr. Vespers. His actions catch the attention of a nerdy businessman. The man contacts the crew and informs them that he represents the Korvac Mining Company. Their mine on the Asteroid Wall has been taken over by thugs. Since the last mercenary team was unsuccessful, Korvac is hiring two this time. The crew agrees to be one of the teams, and they head to Micallo to meet up with the "Red Dogs".

Due to a natural 20 role on a d20, one of those Red Dogs will be named Clifford.

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